The future now- and how Scale Up can help

27 Apr 2016
14:20 - 15:10
Track 1

The future now- and how Scale Up can help

The Scale Up Workbook has been put together to help recruitment leaders who want to develop their business by putting in place the building blocks to grow at a faster pace than the market.

It’s been designed to be a practical tool, it’s evidence based and it’s packed full of real life examples from people who’ve been there and done it themselves.

It promotes that defining a clear vision, devising your competitive strategy, securing funding, attracting talent, managing change and leveraging technology will help your business be successful over the long term.

This workbook has been designed to be a usable resource, put together so that you can dip in and out of it as you embark on your own scale-up journey. Each section concentrates on a different facet of business growth and offers case studies from those that have trodden this road already.

There are action points at the end of each chapter and a check list at the back so you can define your journey and review your progress.

The Scale Up Workbook has everything you need to embark on taking your business to the next level.